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Serenity of East India



True silence doesn’t happen outside, but inside. It may sound easy, while in reality it is one of the hardest things to achieve. It is something that requires everyday practice. We didn’t know what is waiting for us, but we decided to give it a try…
Disinterest was the keyword of our silent retreat. It is only when we act with disinterest, but at the same time we give our best, that true surrender can happen. In that moment we don’t have any expectation. We act purely for the sake of action. We act selflessly.
Even though silence is mandatory for the concept of silent retreat – it is not the most important as a quality. True Masters and saints are perfect example of that. They live in the world, yet they are not touched by it. For them it doesn’t matter if they are in Himalayas or New York. They live the same serenity.
Observation of the mind was the most important activity during whole retreat. Even more important than meditation itself. Very often we think that doing our spiritual practice is enough and that God will take care of the rest. Unfortunately, that would be too easy. We need to put effort into understanding mechanisms of our mind, otherwise we will get trapped in its games, again and again. And again.


During the silent retreat in Puri we stayed in eco resort on the shore of the ocean – Ramachandi beach. Extremely beautiful nature, sandy beach, 28 degrees in the winter, organic food, fresh juices as much as you want, peace, silence… In short, it should have been enjoyable, heavenly experience. It was, until Guruji said: “be disinterested in all, in the nature, in the food, even in the silence itself. Do action just for the sake of action. Eat only because you need it to survive.”

Days were spent in complete silence, some even in complete darkness. We needed to eat only with our hands. As per Guruji’s instruction, we also needed to mix all food on the plate in order to get detached from the taste.

One thing which I particularly enjoyed was eating blindfolded. It was really profound experience as you are totally cut off from the world as you know it – you don’t hear anything in pure silence, you don’t see anything, you don’t taste normal food as everything is mixed… Some very “strange”, deep feeling of contentment starts awakening. Everything was perfect until Guruji used the opportunity to put lot of fresh chilli in my food while I was eating blindfolded. Just imagine – you must be silent, you can’t take blindfolds from your eyes, you can’t even breathe loudly, and you just ate handful of super spicy chilli… That’s really cool experience.

All combined together, it was one of the best experiences in my life. And I would go for it again. Especially chilli part.