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Magnificent Himalayas

Birthplace of India


Power of quietness is something that everybody should experience at least once in a lifetime. What could be the better place for that than the most powerful, tallest, biggest and the most quiet place on the planet – Himalayas.
Birthplace of Kriya Yoga
Himalayas – the place, which all true yogis and ascetics look up to. Himalayas are birthplace of Kriya Yoga. It was on sacred Dunagiri mountain, which we had the blessing to visit, where Mahavatar Babaji, immortal yogi from Himalayas gave Kriya Yoga to Lahiri Mahasaya for the first time.
Birthplace of humility
Spiritually, naturally and resourcefully maybe the richest part of the world, but yet, it is a place where you can see people living in absolute poverty. Regardless of that, they always carry a smile on their face. Each time you will pass next to their home you will be served with homemade chai. True example of humility and service.
Birthplace of India
It was only when we reached our destination – Dunagiri – that we learned about the fact that on the hill close-by, King Bharat was born. You could hardly think of more secluded place – which is now unfortunately almost completely destroyed – to be the birthplace of one of the most influential countries in the world.


India could be considered as a birthplace of many things we know today. It is the fact that India has one of the (if not the most) richest kitchens of the world, most special types of music, as well as the clothing styles. It has the richest and most complex religion as well – Hinduism. However, roots of many things mentioned above could be found in Himalayas.

Whether you are interested in spirituality, music, kitchen, hiking, travelling, or just simply looking for something new in life – Himalayas have it all. However, if I would need to pick one thing which marked this journey, it would quietness. Quietness, silence and peace is something that we may need more than ever. Yet, it is so hard to find it and cherish it.

Himalayas were the first place I ever visited outside the Europe. Even thought being greatly challenging to handle, they brought something invaluable to my life. Himalayas were the first and only that gave me very unique feeling of… being absolutely empty and absolutely full at the same time. Thank you.