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Land of the Dark Lord



Magical land of Vrindavan, where even dust on the road is considered to be holy… Why? How? It is apparently very hard to explain, maybe even impossible. In any case, story of Vrindavan is intriguing and we needed to find out more.
Vrindavan traffic
You may have heard that traffic in India is very chaotic. Vrindavan takes whole experience to a completely new level. Things you can see there are just unexplainable. You can spend the whole day standing in one spot and wonder what the heck is going on.
Endless Leela
Vrindavan is the land where Lord Krishna performed his most beautiful leelas (Divine plays) more than 5000 years ago. In Nidhivan, sacred forest of Vrindavan, the same leelas are happening every night. All Tulsi trees are turning into Gopis during the night and enjoy Rasa dance with Lord Krishna. It is said that Tulsi trees in Nidhivan are unchanged since 5000 years ago.
Absolute opposites
Vrindavan is the place which you will absolutely love or hate – there is no middle way. It is the place where you will see highest form of devotion and biggest poverty in the same place. It is the place where you will see dirty homeless people carrying the biggest wealth – sincere smile on their face.


At the first glance, everything in Vrindavan is seemingly normal. However, the more time you spend in Vrindavan, you start to notice subtle situations in which you realise that something fishy is going on there.

Time is flowing differently. Perception of space is twisted – in one moment you think you are lost, in the next moment you are exactly where you need to be, without any explanation of how it happened. Bodily functions are confused – sometimes you are dead tired in the middle of the day, sometimes you can party whole night. Or, you are able to go without peeing for 16 hours after drinking 4 litres of liquid.

All of that is the reason of extremely high spiritual vibrations which can confuse the mind and the body. Vrindavan is considered to be one of the holiest places on the planet, and even my Gurudev, Paramahamsa Vishwananda says that there is no place like Vrindavan anywhere else. It is the place of constant prayer and meditation. By hosting 5000 temples and being the land where Lord Krishna was walking Vrindavan becomes truly otherworldly experience.

But! Beware of “monkey problem”. Vrindavan locals usually don’t speak English, but they make sure to learn these two words. Before exiting the shops you will always hear: “monkey problem, monkey problem”. Monkeys really are the problem in Vrindavan, as they want to steal anything and everything from you – shinny jewellery, glasses, mobile phones, bananas, food, cola, water. You name it, they want it.

Only way which always works with “monkey problem” is: be humble, don’t look into their eyes, look down, mind your own business and pray they don’t see you.