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I thought this will be just another Holi – and only a first stop on the journey through India with Guruji in 2020. However, it turned out that Vrindavan will be a home for many of us for the next 4 months. Covid-19 knocked on Indian door as well.
Centre of the universe
Guruji is repeatedly saying that there is no other place like Vrindavan in the world. This small Indian village truly has the power to change everybody’s life completely. The moment you enter Vrindavan you can feel that you are in different universe – spiritually and physically.
Can(not) live with(out) it
There are many things that could be told about Vrindavan – good and bad. It all depends what you are looking for. Vrindavan surely is challenging, but it is the most magical place I have ever seen. Just thinking about Vrindavan fills my heart with joy and love. I don’t know about you, but I cannot live without it.
Home of the rascal
Only one individual in the whole universe is capable of doing all sorts of mischievous acts and get away with it – every single time. And the more naughty he is, everybody loves him more and more. Krishna – the rascal. Nowhere in the world you can hear stories of remarkable Lord like the ones Vrindavan holds.


Before I went to Vrindavan for the first time, I heard many stories how Vrindavan challenges you, crushes you from the inside, causes biggest purification processes etc. When I finally came there, I could barely feel such influence of Vrindavan.

This time was my fourth visit to Vrindavan. It was also the longest one. Thanks to Covid-19 situation, I was stuck there for 4 months. After the first month I started experiencing all things that I heard about Vrindavan before. By the end of fourth month I was completely finished – peeled, washed, fried, baked and washed again.

When we found out that India will also go under lockdown and that we will be closed between four walls with Guruji in his ashram, I knew that we will leave there as new people. Guruji said that as long as you are in Vrindavan, Krishna will do his best to rip you off of everything so he can take you for himself as soon as possible. More you live in Vrindavan, more it will purify you. But you need to allow it. Otherwise it may seen like any other place.

Regardless of the challenges I went through this time, I can truly say that this was the most valuable experience of my life. If you ever decide to go to Vrindavan, do a favour to your soul and open yourself to anything that rascal Krishna planned for you.