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Colours of Mauritius

From North to South


Stories were told of Mauritius, that it is heaven on Earth. We are all on the journey to heaven, so until we reach the one up there, why not to visit one down here. Nothing else to be said, we embarked on our journey.
Guruji’s birthplace
Even if that would be the only factor on the list, it would still be enough to make us come here. Visiting Guruji’s birthplace and seeing the room where he grew should be no.1 on the bucket list for all his devotees. After getting to know Mauritius, there is only one thing left to be told – Guruji has a good taste.
Miniature India
Country with over 200 temples and 55% Hindus makes it perfect destination for lovers of Indian culture and cuisine. Due to climate, certain spices native only to the island of Mauritius make its cuisine even more special than Indian.
Freezing winters
Stunning fact about this tropical island is that people are able to almost freeze at temperatures as low as 20-25 degrees Celsius. It is perfectly normal to see them wearing hats and sweaters while you are still sweating half naked.


After short, yet thorough evaluation of Mauritius I am ready to draw the conclusion – Mauritius is heaven on Earth, indeed.

Aside obvious – stunning nature, tropical climate, fresh and clean air, welcoming people and good food, there is more subtle face to Mauritius as well.

In shops you will see biodegradable plastic bags. If you decide to join evening kirtans or spiritual events, at the end you will receive food served on natural leaves and it is expected that you eat using your body only (in whichever way you find appropriate). When you go on catamaran trip around Mauritius, you will get your drinks served in metal cups.

For an island that remote, I would say Mauritius ranks pretty high in terms of environmental awareness. There are, however, certain things that may take me lifetime to understand – why beetroot is so expensive or why taxi drivers refuse to drive after 9pm.