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Colourful Holi-days



If you ever want to experience true aspect of Holi – famous festival of colours – you must go to Vrindavan, the birthplace of Holi as we know it today. Only there you can experience its fulness. In every sense. Born several thousands years ago, yet tradition lives until today.
Holi dates all the way back to the times of Prahlad Maharaj (Satya Yuga), and it was celebrated as a victory of good (Prahlad) over evil (demoness Holika) in the form of bonfire followed by certain worship rituals. It was only 5000 years ago that Radha and Krishna popularised Holi in the form as we know it today – colourful, joyful, crazy.
Holi is most well known as the festival of colours, but it has many other meanings. It is also celebrated as festival of spring and festival of love. By joyfully colouring other people, and at the same time being coloured by them, you share this love, this joy. It is truly unforgettable experience.
Most important thing that you need to collect before going to Holi in Vrindavan is patience – a lot of it. In Vrindavan there are no rules. Water balloons, paint guns, flowers, buckets of water, powders – everything is flying everywhere for at least a week. There is literally no way to not get coloured in Vrindavan, so don’t even try. Just surrender and enjoy.


Only bigger joy than celebrating Holi is celebrating Holi with your spiritual Master. Having the grace and the opportunity to celebrate Holi with Paramahamsa Vishwananda was one of the best experiences of my life. When you get the opportunity to throw colours of love at him, and when he throws colours of love at you – you are experiencing joy which can’t be compared to anything else.

There are many astonishing, beautiful, rich, modern, elegant, spiritual places around the world – but there is no place like Vrindavan. No other place in the world carries the spirit of Krishna Leela. No other place in the world carries so many of his footsteps.

During the Holi pilgrimage Guruji was saying that it is not possible to enter Vrindavan without visa which Radharani gives. This queen of Vrindavan is the only one who can grant you entry to the land of Krishna.

There are many awesome things in life you can experience in many places, but true Holi can be experienced only in Vrindavan. So I hope that all of you get the opportunity to go there and drench yourself in colours of love and joy.