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How mind turns us into idiots

How mind turns us into idiots

Touched by recent environmental happenings across the world, I felt the need to write something about it. Not sure why, or if it will have any impact whatsoever – but I needed to do my part.

Everything that is happening in the world on global level starts from individuals. Collective consciousness is just the combination of 7 billion-something individual consciousnesses. From this perspective, everybody is responsible for everything and everybody should do something about it.

Real question is why this is happening in the first place. I am not asking why forests are burning or why glaciers are melting. We all know the answers for that. I am asking how it came to this point. What is the real cause?

Outside as a reflection of the inside
Everything that is happening in the outside world – on the material plane – has the roots in our mind. Everything starts from the thought level. Depending on the variety of our thoughts and our reactions to them, we shape our consciousness.

In reality we don’t have any power over the thoughts passing through our mind. We have the power only to decide how do we react on them. If negative thought passes through our mind – in that particular moment we have the choice – do we want to take it or leave it. If we take it, it becomes our reality; if we leave it, it will pass the same as it came. We stay untouched. The same goes for the positive thoughts.

Looking long-term, our consciousness is just the combination of decisions that we take throughout the time. The more we hang onto the positive thoughts, and let negative ones pass – our mind automatically starts filtering them more and more. And then whatever we carry inside we start manifesting outside.

“It’s not the situation… It’s your reaction to the situation.”

– Robert Conklin

In any given situation, it is our consciousness that determines how do we perceive the situation. The same “problem” can look differently for different people. Let’s say that you have been unfairly treated in your work and you need to stand up for yourself. If you have fears and approach the situation with low self-confidence, nobody will take you seriously. If, however, you approach the situation with strong self-confidence you are surely to achieve something – and maybe not only for yourself, but also others that were treated in the same way.

Situation is the same, but reaction is different.

Mechanism of the mind
Mind likes to hang onto details – especially the negative ones. It has astonishing ability of noticing even the smallest negativity and creating the elephant out of it.

This is how “problems” are created. But this is not where the mind stops. Mind also likes to make us feel special. When we have a “problem” and we feel special, we become the centre of the world. When we repeat the same pattern enough times in life – it becomes our reality.

Unfortunately, today’s world is designed in a way that makes us feel special from the earliest of age. All parents are saying to their children that they are special; that they are the best. Every president is saying that his/her country is the best. As a result of that we have the world full of “special” people, with many “centres of the world”.

When we grow up with this mindset – with this level of consciousness, we become egocentric. We start putting our needs and wishes above others.

It is acceptable when this is happening on individual level where we are not influencing other people. But real problem starts when people on powerful positions start behaving in this way. Sometimes we don’t have serious consequences of that, but sometimes world’s forests start burning or glaciers start melting…

Photo credits: Stefano Tiozzo
Short-term VS Long-term
Another tricky feature of the mind is that it focuses only on short-term gain. Why? Answer is very simple. Life-span of the mind is the same as life-span of the human being. Why would mind be interested in something that happens after he dies? He wants to achieve as much as possible when he is alive. Who cares what happens later…

World is literally exploding because of multitude of technological inventions and competitions which are on the rise every single day. But what is the real purpose? Are we trying to make the world better place or are we trying to make a good imagine for ourselves?

Recently I came across one mind-blowing time-lapse scheme which presented our “sustainable” evolution in four sentences.

“The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. If we scale this to 46 years – we have been here for last 4 hours. Our industrial revolution began 1 minute ago. In that time we have destroyed more than 50% of the world’s forests.”

This surely isn’t sustainable. What are we actually doing here? Are we really trying to make the world a better place?

When I see that we are destroying forests for meat production , spending billions on inventing pen which can write in space, designing homes suitable for living on Mars , thinking about launching world’s garbage to the Sun and watching sunset on TV because of smog, I can just wonder – where is the end to human stupidity…

Fortunately, Alfred Einstein gave us beautiful estimation:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

– Albert Einstein

Instead of firstly sorting out the mess we created here, we are looking for other planets so the younger generations can go to outer space and destroy more planets… Congratulations humanity. Congratulations.
Photo credits: Stefano Tiozzo
Pictures above are showing the same ice cave with only one year difference.
Is the past the new future?
When we talk about ancient civilisations, we talk about “primitive” civilisations. They didn’t have technology, so they are obviously primitive, right?

They might not have the technology we posses today, but they were surely smarter people. Why do we need to have smartphones, smart homes and smart toilets (seriously, smart toilet…) today? Surely not because we are smart.

People in ancient times knew how to live. They had deep understanding and respect towards the nature. Towards all life. They lived longer, they were healthier and they were (physically and mentally) capable of things that we can only dream of today.

Their values and moral code were superb. Polished to perfection. Sustainable in every sense. They come from Vedas.

Only one of the core values of Vedic system is powerful enough to fix the most of the environmental problems that we face today. Concept says:

“Every building that we make is act of violence towards the nature.”

Even though it sounds very easy, it is extremely powerful. If we would go into deeper analysis of this concept, we would come to the solution of today’s global warming. Essence of this concept is that we need to return to nature everything that we take from it.

For every tree they would cut for building materials, they would plant minimum of the same number of trees back. By cutting trees they were aware that they are destroying homes of animals – hence they would provide food for animals until eco-system restores itself after planting new trees. They went so far that they planted certain number of trees per person to compensate for oxygen that they took from the atmosphere. In simple words – they were nullifying their influence on the nature completely. They had the understanding that they are on the Earth for a borrowed time, and after they leave planet should be unaffected by their presence.

In modern words – they were (more than) carbon-neutral. When we hear term carbon-neutral today, we consider the country to be superb in moral and technological aspect. We consider them to be environmentally aware. Only country that has the title of being carbon-neutral (or carbon-negative) is Bhutan.

This is really great, but is this truly a big deal for humanity? If we can find solutions for our environmental problems in concepts and values of ancient – “primitive” – civilisations, only question I can ask is: who is truly primitive?

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