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Following the Footsteps
of the Master

Following the Footsteps
of the Master

I remember one conversation couple of us Croatians had some 5 years ago. It was the first time I went to visit Guruji outside of his ashram in Germany. It was a very hot and sunny day, when for the first time I went to any “far-away” country. It was astonishing experience for me just being there – and it was just Czech Republic. Neighbourhood. But the fact that we were ready to travel there for one day just to visit Guruji… That was the thing that matters even today. We realised that with him reasoning doesn’t exist. When he calls you, you go, whatever the destination is. Czech Republic is maybe not far away as it seems, but at the moment when you are reading this, I am sitting in Mauritius – his birthplace…

But story of coming to Mauritius is a topic for some of the next blog posts. (And that one is going to be interesting.)

Who is the Master at all?
One of the Master’s closest disciples once beautifully said:

“If you want to learn about anything, you go to a Master, you go to a teacher. If I want to learn medicine, I go to a doctor; if I want to learn about math, I go to a mathematician; if I want to learn about life, I go to Guruji. Nobody has the answers to everything. Nobody knows how to navigate through life without making any mistakes. But Guruji does. Because he has already done it, he has already gone to the other side. And he is coming to back to show us how to do the same thing.”

Enlightened Master, such as Paramahamsa Vishwananda, is personality who has mastered both material and spiritual realms. He has enlightened each and every aspect of his life and is able to live it to perfection. His life purpose is very “simple” – to take us from the point where we are now, to the point where he is. Even though he has mastered everything, and risen above good or bad, happiness or pain, love or hate, he is living the simplest life possible. Unlike us, people who don’t have control over anything, but yet, want to complicate everything.

Even today, after more then 6 years after meeting Guruji for the first time, I don’t know what I could have done to receive the blessing of being his disciple. Actually, as time is passing, I am wondering more and more. I asked him once, “Guruji, how can we repay you for everything you are doing for us?” He answered: “You can’t, so just be grateful and don’t bother about it.”

Once you meet such personality who has capacity to be your best friend, even though you met him for the first time; your father and mother, even though you have no blood relationship with him; your Guru, even though you have no idea what it really means – your life is bound to change. He is always there for you, even if you don’t know it. He is thinking about you, even when you forget about him. He is sending you message when you least expect it. And he doesn’t ask for anything in return.

Through his humility and love that he shares with everyone, he is ready to totally forget about himself, just to uplift us. It is impossible to explain the greatness of the Guru. Many saints and scriptures tried to do it throughout the past. Nobody succeeded. Reason for that is very simple. Guru is beyond the words, beyond the mind, beyond emotions, beyond human understanding. You can only experience him, partially. So I am not trying to do the impossible here. I will only share a little bit that I can and try to inspire you to experience the same for yourself.

What about all this travelling?
Many of my friends ask me now how is it to travel so much, especially with Guruji. Well, it is amazing. It is a living dream. But… It comes with a price. You need to be ready to accept the fact that you will be changing your home every few months, that you will have up to two suitcases of your belongings and that you will spend 90% of your money exclusively on that.

Yet, even though this lifestyle may sound attractive to so many people, when I ask some of them, out of curiosity, why wouldn’t they do the same, the very same moment alarm turns on in their mind: “How am I going to leave my city, my friends, my job, my family, my comfort zone…?” I guess, that is the price you need to pay for luxury of living on tropical island, working at your own schedule, drinking coconuts at the beach and doing what you really love.

Of course, such lifestyle might not be for everybody. Not everybody can afford that due to life circumstances. Many times other duties come into play here. Some people have small children, some have sick parents, others don’t speak any foreign language. And that is all fine, because happiness is not waiting for you on the other side of the world. It may be just the next door, or even closer, in your kitchen – or even closer than that.

It is up to us to look within and search for the reason which is keeping us away from living dream. With Guruji’s guidance, I was able to understand that for me personally, attachments and limitations I put on myself were the things keeping me back. Just three years ago it was unthinkable for me to leave my birth country and live far away from my parents. Such possibility was not even remotely existing in my mind. If somebody would tell me then that I am going to travel across the world, or that I am going to live in Mauritius, I would just laugh at person’s face. I would not even bother to comment on that.

How very wrong I was.

The day when I met Guruji everything has changed. I realised that life is not the prison, which we create in our minds. Only one thing is separating us from our mind-prison and literally the whole world – attachment. Remove this one tiny thing from the equation and you will see whole new universe in front of your eyes.

We never know what is waiting for us in life. If we don’t give the chance to universe to show it to us, we will never find out. Nobody was born just to suffer or stay unfulfilled in life. Paradoxically as it sounds, we are the only ones who are making us suffer.

I remember one very powerful thing Guruji said during Silent Retreat in Puri last November:

“People live 90% of their lives for others. For 10% they are not sure. So what they truly live is maybe 1%.”

Ask yourself how are you going to make yourself happy like that? How are you going to make your loved ones happy if you are not happy? How are you going to live up to your potential if you give your life to others to dictate?
Following the Master is not about taking the backpack and running behind him. It is much more than that. It is about listening what Master tells you. It is about fulfilling your own duties and finding happiness in that. It is about finding what you really need to do in life, and living that. It is about learning how to navigate through life while making as few mistakes as possible.

Even though this journey is the most beautiful journey you can embark on, it is also the most challenging one. The question is, are you ready to take it?

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