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Looking forward into the past

We live in an era when everything is easily accessible. Whatever happens in the world today, tomorrow everybody knows about it. You can share your moments with friends across the world in a blink of an eye. And this is great! But… it isn’t the place where (or rather the time when) magic happens. It is in the past. If only we would have cameras to capture the best moments from the past with our favourite persons… Luckily enough, emotions can tell the story as if it has happened yesterday. And this is something I want to capture. I set on a journey to record memories of people who spent the childhood with my favourite person in the world, my Satguru.

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Does astrology really work?

For some, astrology is life-long guide, while for some it is nothing more than a science fiction or new age theory for dummies at best. Actually, even those who consider it to be the topic for dummies secretly hold interest for astrology. To answer the question does astrology really work is very easy. Three letters combined into one word are perfectly enough. But far more important question is how does it work, to which extent and what we can learn from it? Being the science that was practiced and researched since time immemorial there is a lot of wisdom that can be extracted from it.

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What happened during Covid-19 Vrindavan Quarantine?

(...) But it was on glorious evening of 23 March 2020 when Guruji announced to everybody that lockdown won’t be one only day – but two weeks instead – when slight panic started to awake in people. For me personally, Guruji’s suspiciously high level of excitement about this lockdown was way more disturbing than any other existential problem. I could feel it in my bones – that he will have fun of his life during this lockdown. And for us it meant only one thing – annihilation of our egos and any comfort zone that was left in us. In that moment I realised that we will go out of this quarantine as changed people. I just couldn’t imagine how much…

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Living with the Saint

In 10 days we have been travelling through Maharashtra, and 4 cities where we stayed over-night, we visited at least 25 samadhis (holy places where saints leave their body). And I think that we didn’t even scratch the surface.

As we had pretty hectic time with schedule constantly changing, and we were visiting only “dead saints”, one devotee asked if we can go and visit some living saint.

The moment question was asked, answer presented itself: “We are following the footsteps of a living saint as we walk through Maharashtra!”

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How mind turns us into idiots

Touched by recent environmental happenings across the world, I felt the need to write something about it. Not sure why, or if it will have any impact whatsoever – but I needed to do my part. Everything that is happening in the world on global level starts from individuals. Collective consciousness is just the combination of 7 billion-something individual consciousnesses. From this perspective, everybody is responsible for everything and everybody should do something about it.

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Is karma really a b%&*h

If we don’t have unlimited access to the past or the future, how can we even begin to think that we can understand karma? Karma is a system, which works flawlessly for infinite number of souls, some of which may not be even born yet, or the ones who took millions of lives already. How can human mind understand chain of actions and reactions, cause and effect, which may be millions of years old, or extends millions of years into the future?

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How to please your Goddess

Dear half of population – men, also popularly called brothers amongst us – I hope this finds you well. During four years of heaven and hell with my wife (oops, Devi), I have come to learn about many secrets on how this complex Divine being functions, and I have decided to share some timeless wisdom with you. Dear another half of population – women, also popularly called Goddesses, Devis, Shaktis – on behalf of first half of population...

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In dhoti through Emirates

After four months spent in India and Mauritius, finally it was (unexpected) time to visit Emirates – “very conservative and oppressed country”. We spent quite some time of surfing on the internet and investigating how to properly dress in Emirates… And so I went dressed in dhoti, with huge Tulsi mala, while my wife in traditional Indian attire with at least 10 cm of sindhur in her hairline (red vermillion applied by married women in Indian tradition). We failed big. Unintentionally. But it was a priceless experience.

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Going to the temple VS having Guru

Going to the temple is of high importance. By doing that we pay the respect to some higher form of life, which ultimately makes us more humble. However, it is much harder for us to receive something from the temple, when compared to giving.

This is one of the reasons why Master is entering our life. When he thinks that we are ready to receive more, he comes to give.

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Lost or Found

Do you know this feeling when you are sure that something inevitable is going to happen, but you don’t know how to feel about it? Should you listen to reason or to the heart? I am sure you know. Everybody knows.

Few months ago we realised that we are going to leave Croatia and go somewhere far, far away. It was just the feeling, without any idea where we will go, but we knew it is going to happen.