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Well, that’s just the name of one Bollywood song which contains my name. There is no emotional relationship existing between me and this song whatsoever – apart from occasional self-encouraging.

On this page I will not talk about my achievements because they are not the thing which defines us. Everybody has them – some more, some less – so I don’t see a purpose of being fussy about it. Here you will rather find things which define me as a person, and my nature – things that make Govinda, Govinda.


Time in my life

Cook and eat
I like to cook, but I love to eat. A lot. Keep that in mind if you ever invite me to your home. Priorities first, right?
Chanting ancient sanskrit mantras is, as Guruji instructed, best spiritual practice for me. It keeps me sane in this crazy life.
Behave stupid
Being stupid from time to time is awesome. It changes perception of life. You just can’t be serious all the time.
Even though I am not a chemist, I love to create. Anything. Pure act of creation is what makes me fulfilled in life.
Drink coffee
Acting as a nectar of immortality of our times, I drink it every day. Favourite as of now is cold brew coffee served with salt and coconut milk.


About the cow…

Throughout the website you may see random pictures of cows here and there. It is of high importance to understand that I am not crazy, but that there is a deeper reason for that. Connected to my name…

It seems that Govinda in Sanskrit means “the one who gives pleasure to cows”. I know it may sound weird, but there is another explanation. “Go” in Sanskrit means “cow”, but also “the soul”, which means that Govinda could be interpreted as “the one who gives pleasure to the soul”. Now, this can be even more confusing, because I don’t consider myself competent enough to give pleasure to the soul, but no worries, we will clear that out.

Govinda is actually one of the many names of Lord Krishna, who is considered to be the highest God in Hinduism. His favourite animal was cow. There are many reasons for that. The point is that Krishna loved cows very much and they were very dear to him. Whenever he would play his flute, they would all gather around him. He also loved makhan which Vridnavan cows were providing him with.

So, if we look at name Govinda from the perspective of that name signifying the highest God in Hindu culture, it becomes much easier to understand why Govinda (Krishna) could have potential of giving pleasure to both, cows and the souls.

For final clarification and full understanding of what is going on here – because still, I am not the highest God in Hindu culture, there must be no mistake about my name. My full (spiritual) name, which Gurudev gave me, is Govinda Das – the one who worships, or serves Govinda (Krishna). However, in order to make everybody’s life easier, on this website you will most often see my name written as Govinda. That’s how most people call me anyway. Thank you very much.